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Data Analyst | MSc Econometrics — University of Edinburgh

How to export your calculations from Tableau to Excel using Python


I recently completed a Tableau project, where I had used over 100 calculated fields and parameters. What felt like completing a marathon, quickly turned into a simple warm up. That is often how data governance creeps up on you.

And you are going to need it!


The World of Data

Trying to keep up with the data world is a skill in itself. Staying informed about new data technology and platforms is great, until you see that all tech companies can promise you the world if you buy their product…

How to show market share accurately in Tableau using level of detail calculations.


Understanding Market Share

Market share is a sign of the relative competitiveness of a business’s products or services and is calculated using the following formula:

How Tableau can help identify if your company is following a linear or exponetial growth trend.

Download my workbook here

Month-over-month (MoM) growth shows the change in value as a percentage of the prior month’s value. This metric is commonly used to analyze the growth rate of monthly sales, volume or even active subscribers on a mobile app, website, SaaS product etc. It is a popular KPI used to measure the success of a business or product.

It is important to note the difference between absolutes and MoM growth. If you tell a group of investors that your company is gaining 100 active subscribers…

Understanding Customer Purchasing Behaviour

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Answering questions about your consumer gets you one step closer to delivering exactly what they demand and filling that demand gap before your competitor does. But, where does one start with deciphering what people will buy? You start by analyzing buying habits by finding correlations between various items. This can help fine tune your marketing strategies and make better decisons. Co-occurence analysis, also known as market basket analysis, helps you to tackle scenarios and questions such as:

With the appearance of the Multiple Linear Regression and the Dummy Variable trap.


Liberica, Robusta and Arabica. Three types of coffee beans that you may have come across in stores or cafes. Arabica beans are the most popular, being sweeter and has low caffeine levels. Robusta beans are the second most popular, with a stronger taste and has more caffeine. Liberica beans have a woody taste but very rare, mainly due to the fact that it is not scalable for farmers, making it a special kind of bean. Here is a coffee bean cheatsheet if you are interested.

Knowing that…

Filled with growth rate calculations, parameters, dynamic filters, symbols, conditional formatting, custom financial years and it is colour-blind friendly.

Download from Tableau Public

In this article you will learn how to:

  • Apply conditional formatting to your calculation to show an increase/decrease using colour and symbols
  • Set up a customized view with interactivity
  • Change your date format from Calendar Year to Financial Year
  • Add a dynamic title
  • Add a dynamic parameter that switches your growth rate from sales value to quantity
  • Make your dashboard colour-blind friendly
  • Change your table to a heat map

Step 1: Connect to Data

Open Tableau and connect to Sample…

With a working example of regression analysis using sklearn in Python


Econometrics is a toolkit. It incorporates knowledge from other disciplines, uses this information to summarize reality and creates a simplified model to represent this reality.

A few example questions Econometrics can asnwer:

• What are the price elasticities of demand for certain products?

• What is forecasted sales, economic growth and inflation ?

• By how much does an additional year at university benefit your chances in the labour market?

• What is the impact of a training programme on hourly wages? (If the impact is zero, then one must rethink the policy. …

What’s the highest rank in the popcorn army?

I recently completed a project where I had to compare the ranking of the top 5 most profitable brands within the highest ranked stores according to sales. This would allow business users to see what their top 5 brands are according to sales, which stores contributed the most to these sales and whether this is inline with the stores generating the most sales across all brands. Furthermore, the view needed to change according to the filters selected e.g. retailers, regions, months etc.

At first, this didn’t seem like such a difficult task, as it can be recreated in Excel using…

3 Steps in adding your most identifiable asset to your dashboards

Why did Starbucks choose green? Why did Coca-Cola choose red? Creating custom colour palettes in Tableau allows you to add your unique brand colours to your visualisations. Here are two examples for inspiration taken from Tableau Public:

Autho Anomita ChandraClick to view on Tableau Public

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